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About the story:  Charlie Hubble is a little boy with a very

big dream he wants to be a world-class magician. So, he saves

up his pocket money and sets off to Mr Zacoor’s Toy Shop to

buy a magic spellbook. But Mr Zacoor is no ordinary shopkeeper,

he’s a real life magician and this is when the magic really begins.


Style of show: This delightful new show comes to life with

an irresitable blend of music, puppetry and magical storytelling.

You'll meet Mr Zacoor the magician and his dear old friends; there's

lovable Mr Fuddles the wise old kitty, and there's Percy, the bad-

tempered parrot. Oh, and The Magic Toy Shop, filled with all

sorts of magical surprises!


Suitable for: This is a family show suitable for aged 3+. Lots of fun

for the whole family! Because of the highly interactive style of our shows,

this production would best suit venues between 200 - 600 seats.


Running time: The show runs at 55 minutes without an interval.


Availability & fees: Mr Zacoor's Magic Toy Shop is available

to book from Jan - Dec 2018. Our fees include a daily

performance rate, per diems, our flights, shipping and

accommodation costs. This show can be booked for

a minimum of a one week residency, excluding

travel time to and from the UK, but is also

available for a much longer run.


Book this show: If you are an

international producer or prog-

rammer looking for a magical new

family show direct from the UK,

then we would love to hear from you.


So, get in touch!

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