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If a parent looking for the perfect outdoor treat for the summer holidays, or a venue interested in programming a family event, then look no further because we have just the thing for you!

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Biff is not like other dogs. He doesn't do dog stuff

like weeing on lampposts, or scratching his fleas, or

drinking out of the toilet. No, Biff likes moonlight

and music and walking on his tiptoes. You see, Biff

doesn't think he's a dog. He thinks he's  ballerina!

Our most exciting season yet! 

We have a fantastic line-up with our big-hearted family shows Dotty

the Dragon and Dogs Don't Do Ballet. Performed in a host of open-air

settings, our shows are full of charm and told with magical songs,

enchanting music and exquisite puppetry.

Book tickets for your family?

Dotty the baby fire dragon and Biff the ballet-dancing dog will be appearing at an outdoor venue

near you! There are plenty of laughs, lots of surprises and bags of fun for everyone! To check out

dates or book your tickets online, follow the Dotty the Dragon or Dogs Don't Do Ballet links above.

It's so easy to book your tickets, so why not book now?


If you're a venue programmer, we'd love to hear from you?

Last summer, we performed in a variety of stunning locations from castles and country gardens

to stately homes and historic courtyards. Our 2016 shows broke all box-office records, playing to

full houses throughout. We provide a fully self-contained show, help to market the show, and can

even run the online box office for you. To find out more, follow the Venue Programmers link above.  



Dotty is a baby Fire Dragon. She

lives in a dusty old castle with her

grumpy dad, Mr Dragon. She loves

to watch the children playing in the

village below, and one day Dotty has

a brilliant idea - she will fly down to the village and say hello!


Guaranteed fun for all the family!