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Biff in not like other dogs. He doesn't

do dog stuff like weeing on lampposts,

or scratching his fleas, or drinking out

of the toilet. No, Biff likes moonlight

and music and walking on his tiptoes.

You see, Biff doesn't think he's a dog.

He thinks he's a ballerina!

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Dogs Don't Do Ballet

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Based on the bestselling children's book

by Anna Kemp & Sara Ogilvie. The funny

tale of little dog with very big dreams!

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Charlie Hubble is a little boy with a

very big dream, he wants to be a world-

class magician. So, he saves up his

pocket money to buy The Big Book of

Magic for Trainee Magicians.


Then he sets off to Mr Zacoor’s Toy

Shop to buy his spellbook. But Mr

Zacoor is no ordinary shopkeeper,

he’s a real life magician! And he has

a very special job for Charlie...


Mr Zacoor's Magic Toy Shop

A magical new show full of fun and

surprises. Especially for little magicians

aged 3+ and their grown-ups.

Dotty the Dragon

The tale of Dotty, a brave little dragon in

a big, scary world. A dragon-sized fairy-

tale adventure for children aged 3+.

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Dotty is a lonely little Fire Dragon. She

lives with her grumpy dad, Mr Dragon

high up in a dusty old castle. Dotty loves

to watch the children play in the village

below, and wants to play, too!


One day, Dotty decides to fly down to

the village and say hello! After all,

everyone loves surprises - don't they?

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