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Press & Media

Please use one of the three images below for your

brochure and website. We have also provided links

to some lovely production photographs, and hope

that you will also use these on your website, and in

future marketing campaigns.

Download White Logo PNG Download Blue Logo PNG

What do you get?

Blunderbus will supply you with overprinted A5

flyers, A2 and A3 posters as part of your deal with

us. Please think of the trees involved to produce

these lovely flyers and try to use all that we send

to you!

What do YOU have to do?

You'll need to email us with your listing information,

and any logo or branding you'd like us to add to

your publicity. We'll then add the overprinted text,

send a copy to you to check and sign off. When we

have your confirmed sign-off, we'll get everything

printed and posted out to you.


When will we receive our publicity?

Our printers will send everything to you by courier

at least 6 weeks before the show. If you require

publciity sooner, then let us know in plenty of time

and we'll do our best to arrange an earlier delivery.

We're really keen for you to attract big numbers for our visit. So, at a small additional cost, we can also provide the following, which can be dispatched really quickly, to help to get sales moving:


Full Colour Vinyl Banner

Cost: £85 + VAT

We can design and print a huge, full-colour outdoor vinyl banner to display at the front of your venue. This will incorporate all of your listing information. The dimensions are 2000mm x 1000mm.



Full Colour Cardboard Cut-out

Cost: £85 + VAT

This is a fantastic addition to your marketing campaign, - a 2 metre tall, full-colour cut-out of George, the most lovable monster in the land. It's easy to assemble, free-standing, and will take pride of place in your foyer area! The dimensions are 1950mm x 1200mm.


To order:

Give us a call on 01636 678 911, or email


(2.64 MB Word Doc)

Download Show Copy

We would really like you to use some of our production photograph in your brochure, website and for all marketing campaigns. Just

click on each image to download.  If you need even higher resolution versions, let us know and we'll send to you direct.

Download Blue Logo JPEG TITLE-My-Pet-Monster-PNG-for-web-big-shadow

Show Copy

Publicity Images

Monster Image RECTANGLE

If you would like access to the Photoshop Artwork

files, email, and we'll do our

best to help.

Production Photographs

WEB-George-Close-Up Download George-Show-Copy-Size Download Download Download Monster Image RECTANGLE TITLE Download

If you're looking for show copy, then

follow the link below.

Blunderbus Logo's

Blue-BB-logo WEB-Sophie-and-George WEB-Sophie,-Dad-&-George-waving Download Download WEB-George-Exploring WEB-Dad-and-Mr-Tiddles WEB-Sophie-and-Boris Download Download Download

Overprinted Publicity

How many leaflets & posters do you get?

We base our quantities on the capacity of your venue.


Small venue (under 200 seats)

1k A5 Flyers

20 A3 Posters

5 A2 Posters



Medium venue (201 - 600 seats)

1.5k A5 Flyers

30 A3 Posters

5 A2 Posters



Large venue (601+ seats)

3k A5 Flyers

30 A3 Posters

5 A2 Posters


FANTASTIC IMPACT display material!


For all press enquiries, interviews and features, or just for an informal chat, please call our artistic director, Bill Davies on

+44 (0) 1636 678 911 or email him at

"Great stuff"

The Guardian

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