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Tim Warnes, the amazingly talented illustrator has created the beautiful pictures from I've Seen Santa. To view more of his really gorgeous work for children, visit his website. There are loads to enjoy:

David Bedford, the author of I've Seen Santa has written more than 40 books, having 12 published in just one year! He offers author talks, where he encourages children to write, be creative and read for pleasure. Find out more about David by visiting his website:

Meet the author & illustrator

I've Seen Santa is published by Little Tiger Press

bear-on-stool Big-Bear-&-Little-Bear

Illustrations copyright © Tim Warnes 2005

About the Show

It’s Christmas Eve, and as the snow falls gently, Little

Bear is very excited indeed. He can’t wait to see Santa!


                                  “Santa will come just as soon as you go to sleep,”

                                     says Mummy Bear.  But Little Bear is far too

                                      excited to sleep. So when everybody is tucked

                                        up in their beds, he finds a hiding place and        

                                        waits, - for a very long time!


                                       Then suddenly... Glug, glug, glug! What's that

                                    noise?  There's somebody downstairs.  Could it

                                  be SANTA? Little Bear pops his slippers on, and

                                    tip-toes downstairs to find out for himself.

This delightful show comes to life with our usual blend of songs, music, puppetry and magical storytelling. It's the perfect treat for Christmas, especially for children at Foundation Stage and KS1.

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I've Seen Santa!


David Bedford's website

Tim Warnes' website

Little Tiger Press Website

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Audience size per show

Our shows are designed to be highly interactive, with your children helping the characters on their journey.  We also use audience members names in the show. So, we limit each audience size to around 150 to help ensure that everybody has an amazing experience.




Full Day Visit

With a full day visit, you can look forward to a show in the morning followed by another show in the afternoon. Or, your children can watch the show in the morning, and then we will run up to three adventure workshops through-out the day (up to 35 children in each workshop). It really is a fantastic experience!


Half Day Visit

If you're looking for the perfect treat for your children, then book us to come along

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Fabulous Teaching Resources

Our brilliant Education Consultant, Katy Ward (herself a primary school teacher)

has written a bumper pack of teacher resources to accompany our visit to

your school; there are notes to help prepare you for our visit, and a variety

of fun activities for you to do with your children for many weeks to come.



Our fees vary depending on the size of your school, the distance we

have to travel and the number of shows, etc that you book. So, it's

best that you get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.  

We've been visiting schools for 17 years, and we find it best to

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Merry Christmas!